Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jun visits pt.2

While my friend Jun was visiting we decided to hit up the Stevie Wonder tribute party entitled "Wonderful" which is put on by DJ's Bobbito aka Cucumber Slice and Spinna. Party was rammed and full of great energy + lots of ladies, I got super drunk and decided to wear my army rain jacket in the club which resulted in the last picture you see on this post where my shirt is covered in sweat. Much thanks to Killa Kev, Dr.Phan and Danny B for coming threw and partying it up. Sorry ladies Danny B is not single but Jun is that is if you are into long distance relationships. P.S. nothing beats the "Eazy E" picture where Jun pours liquor in the club.

Jun visits pt.1

My friend Jun was visiting from Japan for 10 days. We had time to kill before he headed off to New York (for a few days) so I decided to pay visit with him to the fake Times Square. Really random and funny at the same time. Dundas Square = Fake Time Square. For a bonus laugh check the crazy guy in the last picture.

Photos By Ian Reid

My friend Ian Reid took these photos, to check out more of his work check his Flickr page here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

RIP Shea Stadium

R.I.P. Shea Stadium 1964-2008 sucks when corporate greed puts an end to historical landmarks. Seems to happen more and more everyday.

Ransom Party

Hit up the Ransom party about a week ago. Fun times were had and got to see a lot of friends, Matt George DJ'ed, Danny threw blocks of ice at a cab and I met some cool people. New Ransom looks nice, good job Oliver.

Fuck Fixies

Why ride that when you got this?

champions take 4

Designed by Kevin Marzo mounted onto the wall by Goodfoot and photographed by Alison Stark. Dude-sweeeet.

FOXxxy Lady

So impressed by this I can't even explain.