Sunday, November 9, 2008

warming up the house

This past Friday night I decided to occupy my time by attending a house party. This little shindig was put together by 3 well acquainted roommates which include Ami, Jac’s and new comer Natti. I had a fantastic time and got to meet artists, American Apparel employees (lots of them), musicians, hipsters (lots of them too), ex graffiti writers, Woody Allen fans, Jewish girls (not many of these), Japanese foreigners, “actors”, and an all around bunch of cool people. Hung out mostly with 2 thirds of the Nomad crew (James and Paulo) and of course beautiful Ami. Really chilled out night to say the least and that was what I was hoping for considering I was exhausted. It was really great to see the appreciation people had for my Middle Eastern platter (hummus, eggplant, baba-ganoosh & pita) only complaint was that it isn’t “vegan approved”, sorry hippies. I definitely look forward to the next house warming party as this past Friday was a definite jolly ol’ good time. Highlights include: disposable cameras, Japanese chick “Yoshimi”, some guy almost spilling his wine all over me, Steve from Buffalo, and just conversing with the regulars. Until next time…enjoy the photos p.s. these girls got an awesome roof top

*editors note* the girl in between these "actors" apparently lives in LA, was in an episode of Entourage and has never heard of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Now that is wack!!!!! If you live in LA how is it possible that you don't know that Los Angeles staple...I smell bootleg! I guess her good looks make up for her wackness?

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