Thursday, February 26, 2009

i'm alive

wow... have not really had a chance to update my blog. Was in Cape Town the past few days and before that things have been hectic. I'll be home in about a week and then expect to see a flow of non stop pictures. Went swimming with penguins and almost got bitten. Shit was rad...
until next time

Thursday, February 19, 2009

South Africa Day Two...

went to see family friends and my grandma in a home. Came back to Joberg and drove around the city... not that much of an exciting day but still had fun. The pleasure of wearing shorts, white t shirts and good food is an absolute luxury....

for rob babos... buy old south african gold

my brother and his injury

went to visit my grandma but didn't eat her cooking...old age food is no good!

A car with a south african flag..all over

Cousin got a snake..

Day three coming soon...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Day In South Africa...

Currently out in South Africa on vacation. Visiting family and having a complete blast. Weather has been super hot been wearing shorts so far the two days that i've been here. Everything is cheap and the food is like nothing i've tasted in a long time. Agriculture and site seeing is far beyond anything that I expected and kind of wish I never left. The crime isn't what people make it out to be aslong as your smart then you shouldn't face any issues although I must admit driving at night is some scary shit. I'll give a brief description of a few of the photos. Enjoy and don't expect an update for a while this shit takes sooo long to update.

Here we go:

Indian food

Shit had me dying

Got to the Amsterdam airport.. really nice place in terms of airports.. they got a casino there too

I tried green cheese..

Clogs anyone?


Bought this sandwich right before I ran into member of los angeles hip hop group NASA... sandwich was awesome

This dude was passed out thought it was funny

Finally left Amsterdam

Flew over the Alps...

Only way to get sleep on a plane... and look like a terrorist.. also had to wear this cause my father started a fight with some lady on the plane so had to save myself the embaressment of people staring at me...long funny story

Gucci down to the sockkks!

this is where i'm currently staying.. beautiful i'd say

Healthy Breakfast

Outkast's very own "Big Boy" was my waiter

Ed Hardy is some big shit out here...Barf

I ate Ostrich..

Me standing with Nelson Mandela Statue...

More Ed Hardy... it never ends

Award for worst hair cut goes too...

BBQ's... better known as Braa's

Family friend out here got a new puppy.. shit is super cute

Thats it for now...