Monday, April 6, 2009


First week of April was definitely a hipster over drive, ughhh. Saw the usual funny shit, ate the usual good food, met with the usual people and definitely had some out of the ordinary funny moments. here we go...

hello senorita

long time friend age...

ummm shorts in a club... not a good look!

No seriously... What the fuck??? This dude is out of his mind!!! I took this photo and he/she tried to pat me on the back so i dodged him and he was like "asshole, i can't believe your afraid of gay people"... only gay people that dress like this you retard!! the main reason i won't go to the drake hotel.. waaack!

ya like this is totally normal

the other reason i won't go to the drake... hipsters

ant... a real trooper!! hope you enjoyed that slice brother

i love this movie

Q money

homeboy waited in line for 2 days to get those shoes he's wearing...

no i am not on steroids

Let the hipster shananigans begin... My friend Nick threw a house warming party it was themed after chicken wings cause that's his favorite food. He asked people to submit drawings of his favorite food (chicken wings) and the one that he likes the most will be tattoo'ed to him. Not sure what he decided on, we'll have to wait and see... Nick your a great dude, sorry i split early just couldn't take the Avante Garde crowd. On that note here is a hilarious quote from Adam Jackson (a hipster) who works at Stussy and eats hotdogs from his local 7/11 variety store, he also wakes up and leaves his hair the way it is.. no brushing needed so he claims; "Hipsters- you can't diss them those are like our people man, they hold me down man!"

award for worst haircut of the week and possibly the whole party goes to...

lazy sunday

avant garde bike riding

read 91. my response: hold tight they coming!! I promise


Eugene Kan said...

Dude, those aren't hipsters, they're just from Alberta. The Alberta Tuxedo, denim jacket x jeans.

Adam said...

i demand this misquote be stricken from the records!

i would never say 'hold me down' in reference to anything.

that being said you need to curb your general hatred of things you don't understand/relate to. everybody's somebody's people.