Saturday, April 11, 2009


Thursday night I attended DJ Spinna at Revival, another Milk party. Music was awesome (Prince vs Micheal Jackson) and the crowd was cool as well. Highlights include: Free entry, Goodfoot bottle service, Kev's racking skills, Nep's MCM jacket and the list goes on...

HZA and Curtis

OG Toronto DJ Jason Palma

Ladies and Paolo

Got Ass?

Patrice from The Forum Barber Shop.Thanks for the cut...

Lovely Lady

with Lovely Shoes

Me and Merv told this girl that he wanted a photo cause he is visiting from Japan. She believed us hahaha.

Pause? Ayyooo? No Homo???


Brian angry as ever ahaha...

Old School Goodfoot crew. Skam, Killa Kev and Sko

OG Lippo

Jin (Ruff Ryders)

Los (Livestock)

Hek and his lady

This girl kept puking it was kind of funny hahaha...

this dudes dancing was hilarious lol


Winner for photo of the night...

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be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Holy shit. Lippo was there?! I was faded.