Wednesday, May 27, 2009

cost & revs.

now here is one graffiti duo that we owe a lot to. thanks for all the inspiration.

and loathing.


value village.

recent value village finds...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

tokyo street life.

tokyo steet life photographed by James Horan

Saturday, May 23, 2009

drizzy drake.

A few weeks back on a Wednesday I was kindly invited to the Drake concert and in old school fashion I rolled out with some of my closest friends to the show. Special thanks to my friend Oliver for taking care of all of us, it truley means a lot!! Driving around downtown was crazy hectic due to the on going Tamil protest so I was trying to stay away from those areas it was just really hard to avoid haha. Rounded up the troops and off we went to The Sound Academy only to witness a ton of people standing outside and a more then over welming crowd, I can't front it was pretty crazy. Me and the crew were stuck all the way at the back and when Drake came out the place exploded. Special surprise guest was Bun B and I was really hoping to hear him do more then one track but it was dope none the less. While chilling in the back I saw some asian dude going off with the dance moves and got girls to grind on him.. Hit up C Lounge after was totally not my scene and then to a more intimate setting where I enjoyed dinner with my friends... another classic night...

Shout outs to Ami


Jew Fro

this t shirt is amazing...

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Dinner after the show/club with good friends is always priceless


we gave our friend the surprise of a lifetime at the old spaghetti factory. Close friends all came together for Mr.Marzo, and I must say our friend Q had jokes to last the whole evening. Had a great time, the food wasn't all that special but I truthfully didn't expect anything spectacular as I once went on a terrible date to the old spaghetti factory. Ended up going to Circa to see Diplo DJ, I must say it was probably one of my worst times at Circa ever.. if it wasnt for the free bottle (thanks JR & Dpeezy) I would have forsure had an even worst time.. Hope you had a good birthday Kev.

fake Robin Nishio

hovering above the stage was a glass booth where a girl was giving it her all, shaking her buns and not wearing any underwear.. sorry but I was forced to film this. Less then a minute in to filming this some crazy bitch tried to push me off the stage because she found what I was doing to be offensive.. ah well.

geeks with sneaks...