Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crackheads Line Up For Sneakers Too.

I was in the Spadina area and spotted a line up from a mile away. Was wondering what all the commotion was for and then I realized those Kanye West sneakers come out this weekend. Stopped by Livestock for a minute cause I had to check something when a crackhead strolls into the shop. Dude was on some other shit, like on another planet and even tried to walk his was into the stock room until the staff prevented him from doing so. The crackhead then walked outside and left the shop and sat down in one of the sneaker geeks chairs. Zoning out and not acknowledging anything I had to bribe him by offering a 40 as that was the only way of him getting out of the geeks seat. If the crackhead was really smart he should of stayed in line and bought himself a pair of Air Yeezy's because they re-sell for a grip of cash... just another day in this crazy city.

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