Thursday, May 21, 2009

first of the month.

evening started off with the Stones Throw party at Stussy.

Daim Funk using a headphone as a microphone, this dude is a super talent.

K Weezy


Thats Paul E. Lopez in the middle, one of Toronto's hip hop radio and record collecting founding fathers. Next to him is my friend Adam but some of you might know him as "Frank Dukes" he produces hip hop and recently did some stuff for 50 Cent and many others, check him out here.

Dinner then off to the Contact photo show..

Jamal Shabazz was in the house...

One of my favorite photos of Skam, taken by Steve Cardy

Even crackheads deserve to have their photos taken... this guy was so fucked!

Mickey Mouse was a party animal...

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