Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ny April 09 - Day Two/Three

Headed back into the city from Brooklyn. Transfered from the R to the F train right to Broadway and Lafayette Went to say hello to some friends and Friday morning/mid afternoon in Soho was popping with the usual crowds of people on a sunny day. Ran some errands enjoyed the city and then of course back to Brooklyn for the rest of the evening...

Bumped into Terry Richardson. Real good peoples...

Met up with my friend Angelo for lunch, he showed me a real good thai spot. Check his blog out here.

Reppin Avi Gold!

Everywhere I go they have these protests

Stopped by the Foundation offices/showroom only to see my friend Emeka working hard as usual.

Fellow blog sensation and Canadian Marcus Troy in the building...

The main reason I stopped by the offices was to visit my friend Oliver, working hard as usual... the fun never stops.

Caught the sunset in Brooklyn.. kept it local for the rest of the evening


That Brooklyn bullshit we on it... Z!

Obama Henny!

My breakfast was to boring to take a photo of so I documented my friends...

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