Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

weeks in june.

the usual stuff.. parties and bullshit. atleast we got some hot weather right now.

Oliver was visting from NY, we hit up Sushi on Bloor

male model paulo, check him out in the new vibe magazine

lol i still owe peter $10.00

this lady had a huge ass

lol happy baby

street wear stickers on cars = not a good look

it was so hot out i had to get an icee

and a barack obama cola

oh and a pabst blue ribbon

trev is in town from LA

this is my og crew since early 2000

pull up pull up

wow, that dress shirt says douche bag all over it

this dude's outfit still has me laughing

ace shows up out of nowhere

suede bally's yo

off to guvernment where dr.phan got a head start at the bar

ghetto steez

baby j rocking an og supreme tee for 2k5

bottle grippers corp.

bottle of smirnoff for all

flower pot

papa ceo's is the jump off, thanks for the free slice hahaha

sunday went out for fathers day, shout out to my pops, happy fathers day.

after father day dinner I went to check out the free Gza concert at Dundas Square and he killed it as usual.

verry cooorrrrr shtussy shirt

I love seeing the hood kids rep J Money...

Fab 5 Freddy in the house!!

this bird had some dope cazal's on

these are the type of people you see at free gza concerts lol

notice the puke on the floor? i heard this guy got stabbed in the back.

no comment. he said that he is from vancouver so i guess it makes sense

My Dude Big C

The Cool Kids

OG Hip Hop legend Fab 5 Freddy reppin Sneeze Magazine, now that's whats up!!

What is a Wu-Tang concert with out Wallabees?

OG Flo... wow haven't seen this dude in years

Saw my dude Ant at the concert, Cool Kids performed after Gza and when black mags came on he kept putting his bike in the air


the hood was in the building

men who wear pink, again... no comment

this homeless dude was awesome. he seriously wouldn't stop smiling

much music awards.. disaster driving around downtown


shout out to tory and ami getting they drank on

October Very Own/1 Love TO Much Music Award after party was rammed with girls outside.. no lie it was insane. King St was popping!!!!

riding dirty

met up with my dude Kurt - he's a straight up legend.

Sangria Monday's with Earth Angel Sammi C...

we had some snacks

and laughed at how skinny this dude was

tough times