Saturday, June 13, 2009

anotha few weeks (june edition).

Yeah, yeah another epic blog post.... meeeeehhhhh.. Started the month of June off with some dope Middle Eastern food.

Lentil Soup w/ Lemon


Chicken Shwarma

Pop Shuvit and then to Winners to check out the latest street wear.

Just sad...


Jacob Esquire

"Ron Ron" passed through Richmond with Tenma again.. no bicycle this time though..

my friend Ami...

Hung out with my dude Evan, he wears Marc Jacobs when he skates and works at LV.. true story.

Off to College St.


Buy the album!!

Vivoli, Kev and Haze ordered a pizza pie.. and got pork so I purposely couldn't have any

told these females i'm from New Jersey...


Off to Shuffle at Revival

Now thats what i'm talking about

nice shirt

CJ's Playhouse... Dude broke his neck and has to wear a neck brace, he was wearing a scarf around it so no one would know. Sorry to blow up your cover.. pause

Shout out to Tyrone


extra points for wearing polo

the fun really dont stop..

sushi saturdays

Another wedding..

I had 10.00 riding on the girl in the red to catch them.. and I lost

York University Tennis Training Facility.. Was hired to do a photoshoot there..

Was turning into Kensington Market off of Spadina when I saw a ton of cops and homeless dude bugging out... Told my friend to go on with out me and that i'll meet him. Stayed on the corner to watch this.. dude was out of it.

Poor guy.. but this would make an amazing post card.. "Welcome To Toronto"


lol @ help wanted sign in the window

All girls should wear these shirts...

D Peezy and female friend

Hit up the Drake Hotel for my friend Hazel's farewell.. Were all going to miss you while your gone; safe travels!

Nat is lovely

My homies

The bootleg Borat

Kev conned me into buying a Martini, I asked for a girl drink and thats what they gave me.. almost forgot my olives too. $12.00 later, what recession?

Part 2 coming soon...

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