Friday, June 5, 2009

random weeks in may.

Here's a really large update, spans over a few weeks.Had some of the most random experiences ever since this hot weather arrived and witnessing a whole lot of ridiculious stuff out on the streets. Well start off with this below.

Pink tights are best worn by females.


met ace for some lunch he likes to drink wierd mexican beverages made out of flowers.

Also met my friend 4th and had some amazing Thai food. Speaking of food hold tight http://www.the-tastebuds coming soon

Sick deck, I fucking used to love that movie.

Happy Toast :)

Double Trouble

Ate deli with my friend Dan, he was taken away by the food.

and then driving back home saw some dude passed out in the street... AWSOME!

Went to a wedding..

$4000.00 on the wrist

watched fireworks in a park, happy i didn't pay because thats the best way to waste $. it's like watching your $ go up in flames.

"Ron Ron" came by Goodfoot with a new bike... shit is dope. I think it belongs to Tenma, any how he let me have a test ride with the bike and it definitely has speed. Frrr rrree eeshhh

I've owed Peter $20.00 for almost a month and a half now..hold tight.

I love taking photos of these two...they make for some really rad photos.

Wake up!!

Walking around Queen West when it's hot as fuck is fresh.

Shout out to Zion... still one of the realest dudes out.


Judging by the way this dude dresses makes me think he is from Australia

Asher Roth Concert courtsey of Ace.. interesting experience.

A gift from my record label

Went to value village with Ace and Mikey, i saw a Kwame The Boy Genius Cassette and stole it for my casette collection

Tofu randomly showed up and gave us a look at one of his value village finds... Rad

Someones birthday and I knew that if I was going to go into a douche bag environment i'm going to be forced to get really we go.

Douche bag of the month award goes to... Congratulations guys.

on the left we have a lesbian, on the right we have a lesbian.. those two were making out all night.

lil butters

i got these girls to make out.

the big slice is disgusting

saturday afternoons in kensington market

shoe laces anyone?

bootleg cola

all to end the weekend with a BBQ

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