Sunday, August 30, 2009


A few sundays ago I decided to cruise around town on my skateboard. Ended up going to the Waterfront where there just happened to be some big breakdance event. This totally reminded of way back in the days when these events were a big deal. Any how heard some great music and checked out the scene...

Crazy lady at a B-Boy battle

Shout out to Heist


Sunday, August 23, 2009


A while back my boy Harold threw a highly anticipated party called Beuties. I have to give Harold props for actually bringing out a ton of good looking ladies and keeping the party live all night. I had a pretty good night and it was definitely fun to hang with the usual crew. In the spirit of Beauties I wore a suit...

and showed up in my Porsche

chilled with the Bawse

saw Skam

got the bird from Momo

Couldn't stop thinking about how much I love girls in booty shorts

poured drinks with the homey Drew and my lil brother Kev

i know.. i was scared too


Parv, one of the coolest females I know..


My homeboy Mikey's sister recently got married and I was lucky enough to attend the wedding reception. Lot of time and effort was put into the wedding; I thought the wedding movie posters were really fresh along with other decor! Unlimited alcohol (see photo of me passed out on the floor), Purple cake, the latest hip hop tracks and ending up at the dirty arches. Good times for sure...