Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

random summer vol.1

long hot boring summer. money, friends, parties, new friends, sexy ladies, food and the regulars... vol.1 of my summer a few more volumes to come


caribana = rented vehicles

shout out to Zion

amazing on the keys

"kid x"

ron ron

trevor now follows popeyes on twitter

happy birthday ghetto gold


nothing like drinking beers in a parking lot and seeing this dude work out on his friday night

this bum was crazy, he told me he could break into a car using a nickle

rooooaaaaarrrr ;)

i love cape town too. best place i've ever been too

thanks for the free deck. more and that in a future post

centre street deli with an amazing lady

shout out to my boy Oliver

RIP the king of pop

mr. J Reid

so glad the garbage strike is over, spadina was getting crazy

fresh kid: polo, selvage denim and jordans

stay tuned for vol.2 the life and times of avi gold

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sunday was cruising all around town on my skateboard. Hip Hop event somewhere near city hall...

soooo wacky! liscense plate reminds me of some people

DJ Son Of Soul - legendary status

grand groove

this dude passed out and people stood there looking at him.. i stood there taking photos of him

thumbs up

up and away he goes only to be spotted later on hyperventilating with the police surrounding him

big pimping in the house

nice dog LOL wow...

photographer will

let me just quote Bruno for a second "That hair is likkkke sooooo 2009"

Shout out to Kae Wondah!

Fake Air Jordan Grapes on your feet you look like a sucka!!

some good looking girls i managed to find a few

mr.jack flawless

skating in timbs

DJ Fase and lil Pharoah


Mr.Bryan Brock 1 Love TO

thats all...