Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Base

Long time friend and talented graffiti artist Skam recently decided to open up his very own graffiti boutique. First and foremost for those that are unaware Skam is one of Toronto's veterans of graffiti and has been writing since the very early 90's, he also belongs to HSA Crew as well as Brooklyn, New York's; YNN. Having opened up on 11 Camden st right in the heart of downtown Toronto this is your one stop destination for Graffiti supplies, Apparel, Books, Bags, Toys and accessories. The shop build out was constructed by non other then the talented Kwest who has built other boutique's in and around the city including Nomad, The Mascot and Klaxon Howl to name a few. Home Base tee shirt was designed by non other then Virus who is Canadian born graffiti artist and holds it down at Supreme New York. Just in case you're wondering the store hours are subject to change but the shop is open regularly from Monday to Sunday and if you live in the city of Toronto please be sure to pay visit and support. Congratulations Skam!

11 Camden St (around the corner from Livestock)
Toronto, ON, M5V2K6
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