Friday, February 24, 2012

halftime cigar...

BOAR aka Dave Labels... salute

Cake in the club is the new move for 2012...

Flocka Live In Toronto...

Last friday rounded up with my Nomad posse and headed to the Flocka concert. Drank a 22 to get my blood flowing, i've got to say that was one of the best concerts ive been to in a long time. Just the mere fact that he came on at 2am and more then anything the crowd was by far the most entertaining thing i've seen in years. A total re-cap would be: Sunglasses in the club, double fisting moet, hoodrat chicks, weaves, fat booties, fake jewelery, trap music and the list goes on. One for the books... RIP Slim Dunkin

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Shouts out to Skrilla the don...

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